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HAINAR Hydraulics CO., Ltd. commenced manufacturing hydraulics hose fittings, adapters and hydraulic hose assembly in 2007, Our product range and main product line is for High-pressure hydraulic fittings and hose assembly.

After 14 years develop, HAINAR Hydraulics got a good reputation in domestic customer and oversea customers. We supply the hydraulic high-pressure hose assembly and fittings to machinery factory in domestic market. Such like injection molding machine, Construction machinery, mining machinery and drilling machine Fishing Equipment for ship etc. Now we have 40% of our hydraulic hose fittings, adapters and hydraulic quick couplings are exported to Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North American, South American and South East Asia.

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  • OEM Hydraulic Fittings

    Whether you’re the company holding the patent or the firm taking the product from concept to realization, accuracy and precision are paramount for Original Equipment Manufacture applications. Optimum final product quality improves time to market and end-user satisfaction, which is beneficial for everyone. Enhance your OEM fluid control capabilities with fittings and adapters from Hainar Hydraulics. Our products are manufactured from stainless steel, which is strong, sanitary, and combats degradation. How OEMs Benefit From Stainless Steel?   When it comes to manufacturing products, OEMs oft...

  • Oil & Gas Instrumentation Fittings

    The oil and gas industry underpins modern society. Its products supply energy to power generators, heat homes, and provide fuel for vehicles and airplanes to carry goods and people worldwide. The equipment used to extract, refine, and transport these fluids and gases must stand up to harsh operating environments. Challenging Environments, Quality Materials  The oil and gas industry uses an array of specialized equipment to access natural resources and bring them to market. From upstream extraction to midstream distribution and downstream refining, many operations require the storage and mo...

  • Hydraulic Fittings For Chemical Applications

    The Chemical Processing Performance Advantage Since chemical manufacturing facilities operate around the clock, equipment surfaces are constantly in contact with wet, caustic, abrasive, and acidic substances. For specific processes, they must withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures and be easy to clean. Stainless steel pipe fittings for chemical industry applications offer many benefits. This family of iron-based alloys is tough, corrosion-resistant, and hygienic. Exact performance characteristics vary by grade, but common traits include: • Aesthetic appearance • Doesn’t rust • Durab...