• OEM Hydraulic Fittings

    OEM Hydraulic Fittings

    Whether you’re the company holding the patent or the firm taking the product from concept to realization, accuracy and precision are paramount for Original Equipment Manufacture applications. Optimum final product quality improves time to market and end-user satisfaction, which is beneficial for ...
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  • Oil & Gas Instrumentation Fittings

    Oil & Gas Instrumentation Fittings

    The oil and gas industry underpins modern society. Its products supply energy to power generators, heat homes, and provide fuel for vehicles and airplanes to carry goods and people worldwide. The equipment used to extract, refine, and transport these fluids and gases must stand up to harsh operat...
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  • Hydraulic Fittings For Chemical Applications

    Hydraulic Fittings For Chemical Applications

    The Chemical Processing Performance Advantage Since chemical manufacturing facilities operate around the clock, equipment surfaces are constantly in contact with wet, caustic, abrasive, and acidic substances. For specific processes, they must withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures and be easy...
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